What Is The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a system that shows us the nine ways that the people in the world default to in life. The Enneagram explains the “why” of all that we dothink, and feel.

These nine types are based on our core motivations. When we delve into the Enneagram, we can better understand ourselves and begin to grow.Enneagram Explained The Enneagram can look surprisingly simple and yet there is more depth to it than you can imagine. It’s more than a personality label that you can use as a way to justify your behavior and it’s not a way to label others in judgement.

Who You Are

The Enneagram starts by telling you “who” you are. This is similar to most personality typing systems. With the enneagram, you are one of nine personality types.

Why You Are The Way You Are

The Enneagram then takes things deeper and tells you “why” you are who you are. It explains your core motivation which is the driving force behind all your actions, thoughts, and feelings.

How To Change

The Enneagram doesn’t just leave things there. It gives you the tools you need so that you know “how” to change. This is the amazing thing about the Enneagram; it shows you how you can be the best version of yourself.

Learn More About The Enneagram

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Who Is Enneagram Explained?

Enneagram Explained was created so that YOU could find the Enneagram information that you need in order to better understand yourself. One place where people can find all the Enneagram info in an easy to understand and read format.

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