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While the enneagram is all about what motivates us and how we function in the world to avoid our core fear and wounding message… It can also include things like pet peeves!

Yes, those little announces that can tick us off or push our buttons do have come correlation with our enneagram type.

Now it’s not a one-to-one correlation.
Example: Messes might annoy most type 1s, but it might not annoy a few type 1s because messes do not fall into those type 1s’ “bad” category. 

You might resonate with pet peeves from other types! 
I know that as I was writing this I found many pet peeves that bother me, listed under other types. 

All that said, I’ll be listing some pet peeves for each enneagram type below but remember that these lists are not absolutes. 

Why should we learn about enneagram pet peeves?

For yourself – you can learn what triggers you and eventually learn how to relax in that area of frustration especially when you realize that your pet peeve is not a sign of your core fear or wounding message

For others – learning what bothers the other types can help you have better relationships with those types. You can’t perfectly avoid everyone’s pet peeves but you can definitely be mindful of them and limit them. 

enneagram pet peeves

Enneagram Pet Peeves

Type 1 Pet Peeves

Ignoring Rules
Lack of Responsibility
Unclear Expectations
Lack of Common Courtesy

Type 2 Pet Peeves

Being Taken Advantage Of
Lack of Compassion
Not Being Included
When People Don’t Want Their Help

Type 3 Pet Peeves

Wasting Time
Lack of Recognition 
Being Passed Over
Being Told to Slow Down

Type 4 Pet Peeves

Feeling Misunderstood
Close Mindedness
Feeling Rejected
Being Told to Be Like Everyone Else

Type 5 Pet Peeves

Lack of Privacy
Emotionally Charged Conversations
Too Much Noise
Not Being Respected
Lack of Direction

Type 6 Pet Peeves

Sudden Change of Plans
Misuse of Authority
Having to Make Quick Decisions
Lack of Transparency 

Type 7 Pet Peeves

Dwelling on the Past
Not Being Taken Seriously
Boring Routines
Wasted Opportunities 

Type 8 Pet Peeves

People Mistaking Their Passion/Volume for Anger
People Who Only Complain & Don’t Take Action
Lack of Autonomy

Type 9 Pet Peeves

Feeling Ignored
Being Spoken Over
Unclear Expectations
Being Forced to Make a Decision
Being Overlooked

what annoys each enneagram type