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I’m sharing the best enneagram podcasts worth listening to so you can start learning even more about the enneagram.

What is the Enneagram?

The enneagram is a personality system that is grown in popularity over the last few decades.

It’s actually based in much older roots but was really the late 1900’s that it was made into what it is known as today.

The enneagram has grown in popularity because it’s more than just a personality label.

It’s a system for knowing WHO you are, WHY you are the way you are, and HOW you can grow to be the best version of yourself.

Most personality typing systems just stop at the who you are and leave you with a label.

The fact that the enneagram goes above and beyond the label is what makes it so popular and useful. It’s a game changer in personal growth and for learning how to love others better.

Below you’ll find a list of many great enneagram podcasts for when you are ready to dive in and learn more about the enneagram.

Note: This site (and my instagram account) are great places to continually learn about the enneagram but I wanted to make sure you know about all the great enneagram podcasts that are out there as well.

If reading is more your thing, then you’ll want to check out my post on the best enneagram books!

Enneagram Podcasts Worth Listening To

The Enneagram Journey

The Enneagram Journey
Recommended Episode: The Enneagram & Repressed Centers
Suzanne Stabile (type 2 & author of The Path Between Us) has been nicknamed the “godmother of the enneagram” and for good reason! This woman knows her stuff! She covers all the enneagram topics but I love her information on the repressed centers and stances.
Listen to The Enneagram Journey

Typology - Enneagram

Recommended Episode: I Know My Type… Now What?
Ian Cron (type 4 and author of The Road Back to You) has a great podcast where he really makes use of interviews with renowned enneagram teachers as well as business leaders, artists, authors, theologians, and more.
Listen to Typology

Enneagram and Marriage
Enneagram and Marriage
Recommended Episode: How the Harmony Triad Affects Your Marriage
Christa Hardin (type 7!) covers many marriage topics within the enneagram such as conflict styles and the harmony triad. She also loves to do couples interviews so you can hear straight from certain type pairings on how marriage looks for them.
Listen to Enneagram and Marriage

Enneagram 2.0
Enneagram 2.0
Recommended Episode: Why the Enneagram Wings Are Not What You Think They Are
Co-Hosted by Beatrice Chestnut (type 2 and author of The Complete Enneagram) and Uranio Paes (type 5 and former president of the International Enneagram Association) do some great podcast episodes so full of information that they are almost always over an hour long. It’s good stuff!
Listen to Enneagram 2.0

Enneagram & Coffee
Enneagram & Coffee
Recommended Episode: Envy & The Enneagram
Sarajane Case (type 7) talks about how to understand and use the enneagram in nice bite size pieces through many episodes being under the 30 minute mark.
Listen to Enneagram & Coffee

Your Enneagram Coach
Your Enneagram Coach
Recommended Episode: Cultural Considerations and Mistyping
Hosted by married couple Beth & Jeff McCord (types 9 & 6 respectively, they are authors of the book Becoming Us) share about the enneagram from a biblical perspective.
Listen to Your Enneagram Coach

Enneagram at Work
Recommended Episode: What Enneagram Types Don’t Know They’re in a Burnout Cycle
Hosted by Sarah (type 7) of Enneagram MBA, where she shares all things enneagram and work!
Listen to Enneagram at Work

The Art of Growth
The Art of Growth – Enneagram Panels
Recommended Episode: Subtypes (this is an overview, but seriously, check out the individual episodes on each subtype!)
Joel Hubbard, Suzanne York, and Jim Zartman host this podcast (formally the Enneagram Panels Podcast) and as the name suggests, they focus on interviewing panels of different types (by their subtype!)
Listen to The Art of Growth

Do It For The Gram
Do It For The Gram
Recommended Episode: Enneagram Defense Mechanisms
Milton Stewart (another enneagram 7!) focuses on helping those who want to make personal growth and professional development to the next level.
Listen to Do It For The Gram

Simply Wholehearted
Simply Wholehearted
Recommended Episode: How to Love Others (Without Losing Yourself)
Amy Wicks (a type 7 and author of Should Christians Use The Enneagram) focuses primarily on mothers and helps encourage them with the enneagram.
Listen to Simply Wholehearted

The Enneacast
The Enneacast
Recommended Episode: Self-Care & The Enneagram
Hosted by a handful of amazing people, they share about the enneagram with fun episodes that share wisdom and even include fun games.
Listen to The Enneacast

Fit Enneagram

Fit Enneagram
Recommend Episode: Eating Patterns
Hallie Ringhand hosts this podcast and helps you understand how your health and fitness behaviors are influenced by your enneagram type.
Listen to Fit Enneagram

The Christian Enneagram Podcast
The Christian Enneagram Podcast
Recommended Episode: How To Use The Enneagram
Kim Eddy (an enneagram 1)  provides encouragement and practical tips on how to use and understand the enneagram.
Listen to The Christian Enneagram Podcast

The Enneagram Mom
The Enneagram Mom
Recommended Episode: Motherhood
Tess O’Driscoll (a type 3) shares helpful information about the enneagram for mothers.
Listen to The Enneagram Mom

Ask An Enneagram Coach
Ask An Enneagram Coach
Recommended Episode: Enneagram Stereotypes True & False
Stephanie BarronHall (a type 3 and author of The Enneagram In Love) answers the questions you may have about the enneagram
Listen to Ask An Enneagram Coach