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Enneagram themed gifts are perfect for your bestie who you talk enneagram with all day long or your mother who finally figured out her type!

I’m very particular about my gift guides especially enneagram type gift guides. I want them to be what they are; not a mix of gift guides… I’ll explain below.

Most of the time, people want gift ideas that a particular enneagram type would like. They want to know that a Type 9 might like a cozy blanket or that a 7 probably doesn’t want a gift but rather an experience.

So I created a gift guide for enneagram types with items REQUESTED by those enneagram types. Because why trust a type 1 to get those nitty gritty details right when you can get the info directly from the types?

However, sometimes people want gifts that are specific to the enneagram. You know, a Type 4 coffee mug or a cozy Peacekeeper 9 sweatshirt.

Enneagram themed gifts are perfect for your bestie who you talk enneagram with all day long or your mother who finally figured out her type!

Below, I’m sharing enneagram themed gifts for all the enneagram obsessed people in your life!

Enneagram Themed Gifts

Enneagram Themed Gifts

enneagram reflection cards
Reflection Cards
These decks of cards (type specific) can help with stress relief and help develop awareness and knowledge about the gift receiver’s type.
Enneagram Essentials game

Enneagram Essentials
There are 125 cards for self-awareness and connection in this “all types included” set. Use the cards to spark conversations and applications with friends and family
enneagram candle

Enneagram Candles
These candles come with a label that starts “I Came, I Saw” and then finishes with a stereotypical line for the type (ex: Type 1 is “I Came, I Saw, I Fixed the Mistakes”)
enneagram tank

Enneagram Workout Tank
This enneagram tank is not type specific which means it’s great for those who haven’t determined their type yet! It simply says “talk enneagram to me…” which is what any enneagram enthusiasts wants!
enneagram tote

Enneagram Tote Bags
There are many enneagram totes out there but these are one of the better looking ones with it’s cute vintage design
enneagram mugs

Enneagram Mugs
These are so many enneagram mugs out there… but I picked these ones because they are enneagram based with a pretty plant. And you can’t beat that!

enneagram necklace

Enneagram Stone Necklaces
These simple necklaces contain gemstones that were intentionally selected for each enneagram type.

enneagram pin

Enneagram Enamel Pins
Perfect for pinning to a jean jacket or tote bag in hopes of getting an enneagram conversation going!
Enneagram Pencils
Enneagram Pencils
Each type’s set comes with six pencils with different sayings that (stereotypically) apply to that type. A fun little gift to give to an enneagram lover.
Enneagram Puzzle
Enneagram Puzzles
How fun is this? These puzzles are unique for each of the nine types and have affirmations specific for that type. They come in 120 or 252 pieces.

Enneagram necklace
Enneagram Necklaces
Each type’s necklace has it’s own unique design that represents each type. The image above it Type 2’s necklace
Enneagram earrings
Enneagram Earrings
These earrings boldly state the wearer’s type. Made of stainless steel, these earrings leave no question about what type you are.
enneagram perfume
Enneagram Perfume
Each type’s perfume is made with pure essential oils and absolutes (not fake fragrances). Each bottle contains scents uniquely formulated for each type. (Ex: type 1 contains hyssop, sandalwood, neroli, and chamomile)

My Enneagram Journal
My Enneagram Journal
This journal is not specific to any particular type which means any type can use it! With over 100 easy to follow prompts My Enneagram Journal can help go on to greater self-discovery and growth.

Enneagram Journal for Self-Growth

Enneagram Journal for Self-Growth
This journal has all nine types in it as it includes 50 or more prompts that are specific to each of the nine types. This means it doesn’t matter what type you are (or your friends are!) when it comes to using this book, but you’ll still get some tailored to your type questions.

Enneagram Collection Journal
The Enneagram Collection Interactive Books (christian)
These beautiful interactive books/journals are all in color and come complete with a bookmark! These are wonderful and giving you all the details so that you can know all about your type but also help you journal towards growth in your type. You can click on these links to get to each specific type’s book: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

Enneagram Guided Journal
Enneagram Guided Journals
These journals provide type specific affirmations, coloring pages, and guides for self refection and growth. You can click these links to get to each specific type’s journal: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

60-Day Enneagram Devotional
60-Day Enneagram Devotionals (christian)
These type specific devotionals contain six 10-day topics that cover type specific uniqueness, weakness, strength, stress, growth, and more. You can click these links to get to each specific type’s devotional: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

It also goes without saying that an enneagram book would make a great enneagram themed gift as well. In which case, I have a great list of enneagram books, all of which would make great gifts for all enneagram enthusiasts from newbies to those way down the rabbit hole.