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Enneagram type 5s are observant, objective, insightful, independent, and calm when at their best and living in healthy levels. Sometimes called the investigator but I did a poll and the majority prefers Enneagram Type 5: The Observer!

How Do You Know If You Are a Type 5?

As is true of all enneagram types, your type is determined by core motivation. Yes, there are traits that are more common to type 5s but traits are not what determines your type. (You could be an extrovert type 5! Shocker!)

So if you are trying to figure out if you are a type 5, you’ll want to look into the core motivations to see which one resonates with you.

all about enneagram type 5

Enneagram 5: The Observer

Enneagram Type 5

Core Motivation of Type 5

Core Desire: to be capable/competent/to be knowledgeable
Core Fear: being invaded/overwhelmed/helpless
Wounding Message: “It’s not ok to be comfortable in the world.”
(because if they are they may not have enough (energy, skills, knowledge) to survive.
Core Longing (what they wish they believed to be true): “Your needs are not a problem.”
Core Weakness: Avarice (in this case, holding on to their resources more than needed)

Positive Traits of Type 5

Observant, objective, insightful, visionary, independent, calm, curious.

Negative Traits of Type 5

Withdrawn, arrogant, cynical, indifferent, distant, stingy, critical of others.

Type 5 Wing Options

Type 5s have wing options of 4 and 6.
Keep in mind that while most people have one dominant wing (hence 5w6), but some people find they have balanced wings, and some find that they do not make use of their wings.

Type 5 Stress Number

In stress, 5s take on the negative traits of type 7 (dissatisfied, indulgent, distracted).
Check out Enneagram Types Under Stress for more info.

growth type 5

Type 5 Growth Number

When 5s are growing they take on the positive traits of type 8 (more assertive, more self-confident, more decisive).

Triadic Groups of Type 5

Enneagram Centers of Intelligence - Head Center
Center of Intelligence:
Head/Thinking Center
This means 5s take in and process the world through their thinking.
Check out my Centers of Intelligence post for more info on the Gut Center.

enneagram withdrawn group

Hornevian Group (also called “Stances”): The Withdrawn Group
The withdrawn group means that 5s move away from people in hopes of earning what they desire (security).
Check out Enneagram Hornevian Groups for more info.

competency group for enneagram harmonic groups

Harmonic Group: The Competency Group
Harmonic groups explains how the types deal with conflict and 5s are in the competency group meaning they put emphasis on solving the conflict in a competent way.
For more info, check out my post on Harmonic Groups.

Harmony Group: The Relationist Group
Harmony groups explain how your type relates to the world.
Type 5s are in the relationist group because they relate to the world by moving away fro others and providing reason and perspective.
My post on Harmony Groups has more details.

Levels of Health for Type 5

Depending on their level of health, a type 5 can look a bit different from another type 5. The three main levels of health are Healthy, Average, and Unhealthy.

5s when healthy: are open-minded and view things in their true context. They are exceptionally perceptive and insightful. Master whatever interests them and often they will become an expert and pioneers in their fields of interest. They are more sure of themselves and freely share their wisdom.

5s when average: analyze things in their minds; preparing and gathering more resources so they are fully knowledgable. May become provocative and antagonistic towards things that may  interfere with their vision. Prefer to analyze and keep their feelings to themselves.

5s when unhealthy: remove themselves from their social communities. They become more fearful of threatening ideas and begin to lose their grip with reality. May hold onto a belief that they are superior to others intellectually.

These are just the three main levels of health. There are actually a total of nine levels of health; three levels in each of these main levels.

If you want the full break down with all the details for the levels of health, I highly recommend picking up Riso and Hudson’s book: Personality Types.