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Latin is well known for its famous sayings so is it really a surprise that I’ve created a post to highlight Latin phrases for each enneagram type?

In my family, we love Latin. All 5 of my children are taking Latin (some more fluent than I am but I’m working to change that!)

Have you studied Latin? If not, you might want to think about it!

Latin is great at increasing your vocabulary and English grammar knowledge. It can increase understanding in English literature and history.

Taking Latin is like learning 6 romance languages at once because 90% of the vocabulary in romance languages come from Latin. If you take Latin, it becomes very easy to be multi-lingual!

But I digress… You get it, I love Latin.

I love Latin and I love the enneagram!

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Without further ado…. here are Latin phrases for each of the nine enneagram types!

Latin Phrases for each Enneagram Type

Latin Phrases For Each Enneagram Type

latin for type 1

Latin Phrase for Type 1

Cuiusvis hominis est errare, nullius nisi insipientis in errore perseverare.
(Anyone can err, but only the fool persists in his fault.)

Latin Phrase for Type 2

Si vis amari, ama
(If you want to be loved, love.)

Latin Phrase for Type 3

Ne tentes, aut perfice
(Do not attempt, but succeed)

Latin Phrase for Type 4

Esto quod es
(Be what you are)

Latin Phrase for Type 5

Timendi causa, est nescire
(Ignorance is the cause of fear.)

Latin Phrase for Type 6

Ad finem esto fidelis
(Faithful to the end.)

Latin Phrase for Type 7

Credula vitam spes fovet et melius cras fore semper dicit
(Credulous hope supports our life, and always says that tomorrow will be better.)

Latin Phrase for Type 8

Non ducor, duco
(I am not led; I lead.)

Latin Phrase for Type 9

Ubi concordia, ibi victoria
(Where there is unity, there is victory.)

As fun as it is to find literary quotes and phrases that fit our types, that of course, is not where the real growth is.

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