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Do you want something to help you connect with your type on a deeper level? Check out this music for your enneagram type! (by type, triad, emotions)

Music is a powerful thing. It can help us connect with our emotions, thoughts, and bodies.

Which is why I love sharing with others about an artist who has songs created with each enneagram type in mind.

Sleeping At Last blew up in the enneagram world a few years ago when Ryan O’Neal was creating a song for each enneagram type.

These songs have resonated with many and a multitude of people have said that they are brought to tears when they first heard their song.

So many know of the Sleeping At Last enneagram songs already…. (and if you don’t yet, I’m so excited for you to listen to your type’s song!)

But what many people do NOT realize is that Sleeping At Last has other songs that are great for an enneagram listen!

Side note: I HIGHLY recommend reading what inspired each song and how they were made on the Sleeping At Last website.

Not sure what your type is? Learn how to find your type!

Music For Your Enneagram Type

Music For Your Enneagram Type

Music For The Intelligence Centers

Music For The Intelligence Centers

Ryan O’Neal wrote the following songs with the Intelligence Centers in mind…. and they do seem to be perfect for each triad.

Honestly, I do not know how he seems to perfect write songs for each type… probably has something to do with the fact that he is a 9 and can see each type’s point of view. 🙂

Body by Sleeping At Last is written for the Body/Gut/Instinctive triad. Types 8, 9, and 1 are in this triad.

there’s magic in our bones,
a north star in our soul
that remembers our way home.
there’s magic in our bones.”

Heart by Sleeping At Last is perfect for types 2, 3, and 4 who are of course, in the Heart/Feeling triad.

go ahead and laugh,
even if it hurts,
go ahead and pull the pin.
what if we could risk
everything we have,
and just let our walls cave in?”

Mind by Sleeping At Last was written with the Head/Thinking triad in mind… that would be types 5, 6, and 7!

“patterns form and feel important,
it’s the first brush stroke of a self-portrait.”

Music Based on Emotions

Music Based on Emotions

While these Sleeping At Last songs are not specifically tied to the enneagram… I feel like they deserve to be included as they can really resonate and reach certain types.

I believe each of these songs: Joy, Sorrow, Fear, and Anger are great for any type (particularly when they are going through those emotions or perhaps when they want to do some growth work with those emotions). Some seem to fit particular types and I’ll give my thoughts on that below.

Anger by Sleeping At Last are great for those dealing with Anger (or those who need to get in touch with their anger) but I also find that it’s a good song for the types in the “anger” triad; types 8, 9, and 1.

“I feel the earth shaking under my feet
I feel the pressure building until I can’t breathe
and it takes everything
it all spills out”

Fear by Sleeping At Last is perfect for those dealing with a fearful season of life But it may be particularly helpful for types 5, 6, and 7 as they are in the “fear” triad.

“When I think of fear, I think of darkness, the unknown, the unspeakable.. so it felt appropriate that the song should be without words.”

Sorrow by Sleeping At Last can be very helpful for those in a hard time of loss (I’ve definitely played it on repeat during one very difficult time in my life… Thank you Ryan!)

This song doesn’t fit a specific triad…. but can definitely resonate with those who don’t like the hard feelings like sorrow, I’m particularly thinking of types 7, 9,  1, 2, and 3.

“I don’t want to fight. I don’t want to fight it.
But I will learn to fight. I will learn to fight it.
’til this pendulum finds equilibrium.”

Joy by Sleeping At Last honestly is just a fun song full of different ideas from people on what joy is. I think it’s a fun one for 7s who are always on the hunt for happiness but this song is also great for those who maybe need to find joy or remember what joy feels like.

it’s an afterglow, it’s an echo
still ringing out in spite of me.
it’s the faint outline of the divine
in the hiding place of my periphery.
so I let go and in this moment, I can breathe.”

Music For Each Enneagram Type

Music For Each Enneagram Type

And of course, I’d be remiss not to mention the actual enneagram songs that Ryan O’Neal wrote!

He really does a wonderful job at connecting perfect words for each type…. although I’d also recommend checking out the songs that match your tritype or if your specific subtype looks like another type (a look a-like) I’d check that out as well.

I’m a 1, but I actually connect really well with the songs for my tritypes (6 & 3) and 3 is a look a-like for me as well. All that to say, you should listen to all nine songs.

One by Sleeping at Last
I want to sing a song worth singing,
I’ll write an anthem worth repeating.
I want to feel the transformation,
the melody of reformation.”

Two by Sleeping at Last
“like a force to be reckoned with,
a mighty ocean or a gentle kiss,
I will love you with every single thing i have.”

Three by Sleeping at Last
maybe I’ve done enough,
and your golden child grew up.
maybe this trophy isn’t real love-
and with or without it, I’m good enough.”

Four by Sleeping at Last
“maybe I’m hiding behind metaphor
maybe my heart needs to break to be sure
one day I’ll wear it all on my sleeve
the insignificant with the sacred unique”

Five by Sleeping at Last
“I want to watch the universe expand.
I want to break it into pieces small enough to understand,
and put it all back together again
in the quiet of my private collection.”

Six by Sleeping at Last
“I want to take shelter but I’m ready, ready to fight
and somewhere in the middle I feel a little paralyzed-
but maybe I’m stronger than I realize”

Seven by Sleeping at Last
let me tell you another secret of the trade-
it feels like sinking when I’m standing in one place.
so I look to the future and I book another flight.
when everything feels heavy, I’ve learned to travel light.”

Eight by Sleeping at Last
“but I can’t let you see all that I have to lose,
all I’ve lost in the fight to protect it.
I can’t let you in- I swore never again.
I can’t afford to let myself be blindsided.”

Nine by Sleeping at Last
“it looks like empathy,
to understand all sides,
but iIm just trying to find myself
through someone else’s eyes.”

Again, I HIGHLY recommend reading what inspired each song and how they were made on the Sleeping At Last website.