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Neil Gaiman has written so many wonderful books and they are full of amazing quotes! Below you’ll see which quote fits with your enneagram type in these Neil Gaiman Enneagram type quotes.

I, as a rule, do not type fictional characters. I know it’s a fun thing to do and I’ll admit I do it internally but I won’t create a post telling people what enneagram type each Neil Gaiman character is.

Why? Because fictional characters are an amalgam of the author (or screen writers/producers) imagination.

That said, I will do quotes by enneagram types.

Quotes are just a snippet of the person who said it but that snippet can be a decent glimpse of what a particular enneagram type might believe or agree with.

This does not mean that if one character says what I think is a type 3 quote that they are a type 3. It just means that the quote seems 3ish.

Now that I’ve got all my disclosures over with, on to the fun stuff! All of these quotes are from the works of Neil Gaiman (or Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett in the case of Good Omens).

Neil Gaiman Enneagram Type Quotes

Neil Gaiman Enneagram Type Quotes

Gaiman quote type 1
Type 1 Neil Gaiman Quote

“It may help to understand human affairs to be clear that most of the great triumphs and tragedies of history are caused, not by people being fundamentally good or fundamentally bad, but by people being fundamentally people.” 
This quote can be found in Good Omens

Gaiman quote type 2 - Neil Gaiman Enneagram type quotes.

Type 2 Neil Gaiman Quote

“My heart…It feels like my chest can barely contain it. Like it’s trying to escape because it doesn’t belong to me any more. It belongs to you. And if you wanted it, I’d wish for nothing in exchange – no gifts, no goods, no demonstrations of devotion. Nothing but knowing you loved me too.” 
This quote can be found in Stardust

Gaiman quote type 3

Type 3 Neil Gaiman Quote

“Better to have flamed in the darkness, to have inspired others, to have lived, than to have sat in the darkness cursing the people who borrowed, but did not return, your candle.” 
This quote can be found in Trigger Warning

Gaiman quote type 4 - Neil Gaiman Enneagram type quotes.

Type 4 Neil Gaiman Quote

“There are only two worlds – your world, which is the real world, and other worlds, the fantasy. Worlds like this are worlds of the human imagination: their reality, or lack of reality, is not important. What is important is that they are there. these worlds provide an alternative. Provide an escape. Provide a threat. Provide a dream, and power; provide refuge, and pain. They give your world meaning. They do not exist; and thus they are all that matters.” 
This quote can be found in The Books of Magic

Gaiman quote type 5

Type 5 Neil Gaiman Quote

“All your questions can be answered, if that is what you want. But once you learn your answers, you can never unlearn them.” 
This quote can be found in American Gods

Gaiman quote type 6

Type 6 Neil Gaiman Quote

“When you’re scared but you still do it anyway, that’s brave.” 
This quote can be found in Coraline

Gaiman quote type 7

Type 7 Neil Gaiman Quote

“You can do anything, make anything, dream anything. If you can change the world, the world will change. Potential. Once your dead, it’s gone. Over.” 
This quote can be found in The Graveyard Book

Gaiman quote type 8

Type 8 Neil Gaiman Quote

“Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up.” 
This quote can be found in The Sandman series

Gaiman quote type 9

Type 9 Neil Gaiman Quote

“Each person who ever was or is or will be has a song. It isn’t a song that anybody else wrote. It has its own melody, it has its own words. Very few people get to sing their song. Most of us fear that we cannot do it justice with our voices, or that our words are too foolish or too honest, or too odd. So people live their song instead.” 
This quote can be found in Anansi Boys

As fun as it is to find literary or movie quotes that fit our types, that of course, is not where the real growth is.

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