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Do you expect others to be honest or do you expect them to be harmonious? Find out what qualities you expect based on your Enneagram type!

What qualities are important to you that you want people to have. What do you naturally expect others to bring to the table because it is naturally a part of your personality?

We all have certain qualities that we admire more than others. And while some, if not all, are desirable we place greater value in the qualities that we either naturally have or the qualities that we naturally desire.

The enneagram is a personality typing tool that is based on our core motivation. It is that core motivation that is the “why” behind everything that we do.

Unsurprisingly, the qualities that we value reflect that core motivation. Thus we find that each of the nine enneagram types have different qualities that they value more and wish that people would bring to the table.

How Do I Find My Enneagram Type?

Unlike most personality typing systems, it’s not quite as simple as taking a test and getting an accurate result. You can definitely take an enneagram test but I don’t recommend only relying on the test’s answers.

Enneagram tests rely mainly on testing your traits which is helpful but traits are not what determines your enneagram type. Your core motivation is what determines your enneagram type.

To get the full run down on finding your type, I suggest checking out my post “How to Find Your Enneagram Type

Qualities You Expect Based On Your Enneagram Type

Qualities You Expect Based On Your Enneagram Type

Qualities That Type 1s Expect

Honesty and Integrity as well as dependability and respect

Qualities That Type 2s Expect

Appreciation and Affection as well as loving and helping

Qualities That Type 3s Expect

Admiration and Energy as well as motivating and efficient

Qualities That Type 4s Expect

Depth and Authenticity as well as creative and expressive

Qualities That Type 5s Expect

Curiosity and Independence as well as logical and intellect

Qualities That Type 6s Expect

Loyalty and Dependability as well as honesty and trustworthiness

Qualities That Type 7s Expect

Joy and Flexibility as well as adventurous and spontaneous

Qualities That Type 8s Expect

Intensity and Confidence as well as directness and honesty

Qualities That Type 9s Expect

Harmonious and Understanding as well as kindness and calm

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Qualities You Expect Based On Your Enneagram Type