Quick Four Question Enneagram Test
There are many enneagram tests out there. There are free enneagram tests and tests you have to pay for. 

Some give better results than others but overall enneagram tests are around 60-80% accurate. 

This accuracy rate isn’t always due to poor test building.

Much of the time it has to do with the fact that most enneagram tests are built around traits but traits do not determine your enneagram type. 

So I’ve attempted to build my own type based on the enneagram stances (aka Hornevian groups) and the core motivations.

Basing the test on the stances and core motivations helps remove some of the inaccuracies due to traits.

It also means this is a quick four question enneagram test!
More questions doesn’t mean more accurate!

Test Instructions

1) Read carefully! The first question asks which you usually do, but the rest of the questions asks which you related to the least.

2) Try to answer based on your life in the big picture. If you answer based on just the last year, you might not get an accurate result.

3) Base your answers on how you feel/think/do. Not how you think you should be because of society.

Remember the results of any enneagram test (this one included) are not 100% foolproof! Always seek to confirm your type instead of just assuming the test is correct.

The Quick Four Question Enneagram Test