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Tell me you’re a type _ without telling me you’re a type _. You’ve likely seen this trendy question floating around on the internet.

I find this question not only is entertaining… but it’s also enlightening! You get to see a glimpse into how each of the nine types lives their lives.

I asked you all this question recently and you gave me some great responses which I want to share with you.

Remember these are answers provided by the types themselves. Some are indeed stereotypical and some might not be.

Not sure what type you are? Learn how to find your type!

Tell Me You’re A Type _ Without Telling Me You’re A Type _

Tell Me You’re a Type 1…

“I am my own worst critic.”
“Days off are for organizing, cleaning, and making t0-do lists.”
“Rules are rules.”
“I find grammatical mistakes in almost everything I read.”
“I volunteered to enforce the rules at my kid’s swim meet.”
“Good enough is never good enough”

Tell Me You’re a Type 2…
“I have a hard time saying no.”
“I love people and want them to love me.”
“Let me help you with that.”
“I went through chemo and needed no help. I insisted on driving myself.”
“I have a running list of gift ideas for family and friends.”
“When I feel sad, I text my friends and ask how THEY are doing.”

Tell Me You’re a Type 3…
“Failure is not an option.”
“I was up working again just six hours after a c-section!”
“I like to be recognized by my achievements.”
“I don’t do anything publicly unless I know I’m going to be great at it.”
“I have a goal board on my desk so I can always stay motivated.”
“I’ll quit before I loose.”

Tell Me You’re a Type 4…
“Beautiful light makes me cry.”
“I can go from laughing to crying in a matter of minutes.”
“I once wrote a lament on washing dishes.”
“I live two lives: my dream life in my hyperrealistic imagination and my real life.”
“I can intuitively tell when someone is being real or not.”
“I feel like nobody really understands me.”

Tell Me You’re a Type 5…
“There is never a moment when I am not thinking.”
“I’m tired before the event starts.”
“You’re interested in _? I have a book that you can borrow all about that!”
“I spent four hours reading about how to repair old/damaged paintings.”
“I need 5-7 business days to recover from a party.”
“I wanted to learn to play tennis so I bought 5 books on it, obsessively researched tennis, only to realize once I finally got on the court that you cannot learn to play a sport just by reading about it.”

Tell Me You’re a Type 6…
“I have First Aid Kits in every backpack, vehicle, and bathroom.”
“Once you’re in my circle of trust, I’m loyal to you for life.”
“I like polling my trusted friends before making important decisions.”
“Do I lock the windows to prevent kidnappers or leave them open in case of fire?”
“I can’t carry a small purse because I have to bring everything just in case…”
“I plan for every worst case scenario possible all the time.”

Tell Me You’re a Type 7…
“I plan for my next trip while on a trip.”
“I get bored easily.”
“Hakuna Matata.”
“I have so many business ideas!”
“I like to see my friends everyday or I get sad.”
“Just knowing something is on the calendar keeps me going.”

Tell Me You’re a Type 8…
“They say I’m intimidating.”
“I’m the one to carry ALL the grocery bags into the house in one trip.”
“I really do not like being told what to do.”
“Exercise keeps my energy and aggression in check.”
“I avoid feeling vulnerable.”
“I’ll go to the ends of the earth for those I love but if I’m betrayed there will be hell to pay.”

Tell Me You’re a Type 9…
“The very thought of conflict makes my heart race.”
“When people start getting short with each other, I immediately look for a reason to exit the room.”
“I say sorry to people who bump into me.”
“I bounce from task to task because they all have equal priority to me.”
“I love lounging on the couch with all my pillows piled on top.”
“I’ll miss my exit entirely if it means not offending someone.”