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With the enneagram being so popular these days, everyone is searching for the best test… preferably one of the best FREE enneagram tests.

I’ve got a list for you but I do want to add my usual disclosure that enneagram tests are not a great way of truly finding your enneagram type.

Why Enneagram Tests Are Not Foolproof

Why Enneagram Tests Are Not Foolproof

Enneagram tests are unfortunately not very accurate. In fact, they are usually only around 60-80% accurate (whether free or paid).

Why are they so inaccurate? Because enneagram tests are build around your traits and actions but your traits and actions do not actually determine your type!

Your core motivation actually determines your type!

Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to create a test on just motivation so enneagram tests do the closest to it that they can get.

What does this really look like… this would look like someone saying they were anxious about things on a test (traits/actions) so the test might peg them as a type 6…. but they might be anxious about things for a very different motivation.

6s would be anxious because they want to be secure… but what about the person who is anxious because they fear failing (type 1) or because they want to keep the peace (type 9). Do you see how they might act similarly but for very different reasons?

This is why you should never use an enneagram test as the final say in determining your enneagram type.

Why Take An Enneagram Test?

While enneagram tests are not foolproof, they are a great way of whittling things down. 9 types are a lot to sort through! Taking an enneagram test can help you whittle it down to 3-5 types to explore.

How To Use An Enneagram Test

  • Take an enneagram test (I’ve got great ones listed below).
  • Look at your results (ignore where the test says, “You’re a Type _”)
  • Find out which types had the highest results.
  • Take the top 3-5 and explore those types core motivations.
  • See which core motivation resonates the strongest with you and that is likely to be your type.

You can also checkout my post on how to confirm your enneagram type!

Now on to the best free enneagram types!

The Best Free Enneagram Tests

The Best Free Enneagram Types

– Your Enneagram Coach –

After the initial round of questions, there are a few “death match” questions that pit your top two potential types against each other to hopefully get a more accurate result for you.

Results display percentages so you can easily see how high each type ranks for you.

The test itself is not Christian but the results are “Christianified”. It doesn’t affect the results but depending on how you feel about Christianity, you may want to skip this one)

Email Required?: Does require an email to view your answers

– Truity –

Nice list format for the questions.

Results are displayed in a pie chart so you can see how high each type ranks for you.

You need to pay in order to see more than a sentence about your predicted type.

Pie chart can sometimes be hard to read when pie slices look about the same size.

Email Required?: It looks like it but you can actually just click “view my results”.

– Personality Path –

Questions/answers are in the same spot (no scrolling!)

Test results clearly state “Your most likely type is…” (which helps show that tests aren’t foolproof)

Results display percentages so you can easily see how high each type ranks for you.

I hope they’ve fixed this issue, but about a year ago they were having some serious issues with their payment system (to the point where people were contacting me… even though I have no actual connection) – It’s a free test, so I’d just advice not inputing any of your money info.

Email Required?: No email required

– Eclectic Energies –

Results display by score so you can easily see how high each type ranks for you.

Uses test result verbiage like “you are most likely a type _”

Wing results can often mislead people. It’s nice that they give you wing results but wings are not a good way of determining your type as wings vary in strength.

Doesn’t display info about your potential type (does give book recommendations which is a pro in my opinion)

Email Required?: No email required


That’s A Short List Isn’t It!
I searched around and while there are more free enneagram tests… they aren’t ones I’d recommend.

Most of them did not give percentages on all the types. Instead they gave you one type as your result. As I mentioned above, that is NOT an accurate way to find your enneagram type.

So yes, I only am listing just 4 enneagram tests, but they are the most helpful for helping you whittle things down so that you can find your type!

Want more info on each type?
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What are the best free enneagram tests