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Learn ways to challenge your enneagram type so that you can leave the negative aspects of your type behind.

While it can be fun and entertaining to find out your enneagram type and check out all the funny memes, it would be a great loss if we didn’t also do the harder work of challenging our type.

Remember our enneagram type is essentially a coping mechanism that we’ve developed to survive in the world but it’s not who we truly should be.

And while our type will never change, we should work towards growth so that we can leave the negative aspects of our type behind.

So without further ado…. here are one specific way you can challenge yourself to break out of your enneagram type’s comfort zone.

Challenge yourself based on your enneagram type

Ways To Challenge Your Enneagram Type

How To Challenge Yourself As A 1

Take an hour long break for some fun.

To other types this might seem like such an easy task but for type 1s they are continuously “doing” and perfecting.

Type 1s remember that you will always have a list of things you need to do but they can wait for one hour while you tap into your growth side and have some fun.

How To Challenge Yourself As A 2

Say no to just one “ask” today.

While some enneagram types might have no issue saying no when needed, type 2s often have a hard time saying no as it triggers their core fear.

Type 2s, you are always saying yes and that can drain you (more than you realize). I promise you that if you say no to one ask today that the person will still love you.

How To Challenge Yourself As A 3

Do one thing today that has no potential for admiration.

Type 3s can often get so caught up (even subconsciously) in “performing” so that they are valued and admired that this challenge can actually be quite difficult.

Type 3s instead of doing the things that bring you admiration, try doing one thing that has not probability of bringing you admiration or applause. Whether it’s gardening by yourself, playing a board game with your kids and NOT trying to win, reading a book, writing in a diary… do something that isn’t going to earn you a “good job” or “thank you”… which means it may just be a solitary action.

How To Challenge Yourself As A 4

Write three things that you are grateful for today.

While many 4s can actually be grateful for others with ease… it’s not so easy to recognize the things that they are grateful for about themselves or their situation.

Type 4s you tend to notice where you are lacking or how your life is missing something. Try writing just a few things that you are grateful for about yourself, someone you are envious of, or about your current (maybe less than ideal) situation.

How To Challenge Yourself As A 5

Fully engage with someone for 30 minutes.

To other types this might seem like such an easy task but for type 5s it can be difficult to fully engage with someone, particularly if they aren’t discussing one of their favorite topics.

Type 5s, you love observing and you probably do not have a problem with talking about your passion topics however… a challenge for you would be to fully be present (try not to think about other things) with someone for a good 30 minutes. Bonus points if it can be while engaging in a topic that you don’t have much interest in.

How To Challenge Yourself As A 6

Do one thing without overly preparing.

Be prepared might just be the unofficial motto for type 6s. Where some types might have no problem saying yes to something and just jump right in, type 6s want to know all the details and prepare for all possibilities.

Type 6s, try doing one thing (no matter how small) without thinking it through everything that may go wrong or what all you should bring just in case.

How To Challenge Yourself As A 7

Find a boring task to do for 15 minutes.

While some types will have no problem doing the mundane tasks and chores of their life, type 7s will likely find it to be quite a challenge.

Type 7s, you love to keep things fun and exciting but that can mean you avoid the boring or mundane tasks that simply need to get done. Try spending just 15 minutes (less if you find 15 minutes too daunting) doing something boring. It can be cleaning the house, paying bills, pulling weeds… whatever you’d normally try to ignore.

How To Challenge Yourself As A 8

Do one thing that makes you feel vulnerable.

Vulnerability comes easily to some and for others it can be a great fear. This is the case for type 8s.

Type 8s, you focus on being strong and not vulnerable. Try doing one thing that is outside of your comfort zone where you may feel vulnerable. Whether that is opening up about your feelings to someone or letting someone else be in charge or volunteering at an assisted living facility. Remember that there can actually be strength in vulnerability.

How To Challenge Yourself As A 9

Say no when you mean no at least once today.

Much like type 2s, a type 9 can find it very difficult to say no. For a 9, this tends to stem from their core fear of conflict or becoming disconnected from those around them.

Type 9s, you go along to get along all the time. Try saying no to something when you’d normally default to your usual “sure” or “whatever you want” answer. This can be for anything from “do you want butter on your bread” to “do you want to come to my party”.

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Ways To Challenge Your Enneagram Type