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Every now and then, I do a “just for fun” post on my Instagram. They are built around the stereotypes and of course are NOT a way to find your enneagram type.

If you want to find your enneagram type, you’ll need to do more work than read a stereotype list. 😉

How Do I Find My Enneagram Type?

Unlike most personality typing systems, it’s not quite as simple as taking a test and getting an accurate result. You can definitely take an enneagram test but I don’t recommend only relying on the test’s answers.

Enneagram tests rely mainly on testing your traits which is helpful but traits are not what determines your enneagram type. Your core motivation is what determines your enneagram type.

To get the full run down on finding your type, I suggest checking out my post “How to Find Your Enneagram Type

Below you’ll find my take on which planet each enneagram type is like. This is not astrology based; it’s strictly astronomy based.

I’ve paired each planet with a type based on a few characteristics of that planet.

I could easily place different planets with other types because each planet has many characteristics and some planets have similar characteristics (ahem… Saturn you aren’t the only one that rains diamonds or has rings!)

So again, take it with a grain of salt and a chuckle.

What Planet Are You Based On Your Enneagram Type

What Planet Are You Based On Your Enneagram Type

Type 1 – Venus
Has a lot of pressure and it rotates to the right

Type 2 – Earth
Welcoming and helpful for life

Type 3 – Saturn
Rains diamonds and has many rings

Type 4 – Mercury
Temperatures fluctuate often and extremely

Type 5 – Neptune
Slow to orbit but speedy on the inside

Type 6 – Mars
Potentially welcoming (like Earth) but can fight

Type 7 – Uranus
Not taken seriously and spins its own way

Type 8 – Jupiter
Protective and you can’t miss it!

Type 9 – Pluto
A favorite of many but sometimes left out